20+ Years of Experience

Good [graphic/web/system/process] design is only part of the equation. Making it effective is the best strategy for success.

Applications Management Specialist – Red Stag Fulfillment

January 2021-Present

Another new journey. I’m working with a former cohort in a new role in the 3PL industry, managing internal systems and platforms and client integrations with our Warehouse OMS (operations management system) as well as 3rd party middleware platforms as needed. My role is exciting as I’m able to bring the culmination of my creativity, technical experience and business structures to bear in helping shape our foundation for growth. Areas I’m able to directly impact include my immediate area, client integrations and support, our OMS roadmap, establishing SOPs for our Sales, On-boarding, and Account Management teams, and create a Client Portal to aggregate all client-facing information and content; Beyond that I’m working to establish the company’s PMO, map organizational systems and processes (current state) to enable alignment across business units for future growth, and establish SSO (Azure AD) for internal and external users and systems.

Digital Marketing Specialist – Cellular Sales

December 2014-January 2021

A new chapter in my career, no longer focused on design but on marketing and development. Current responsibilities include marketing email development and deployment (occasionally lending my design skills); assisting on website design and development; managing email and SMS campaigns, platforms, reporting, and processes; establishing documentation for digital processes and data management; and developing the first digital customer lifecycle programs.

Creative Director – Voices Heard Media

August 2012-October 2013

Maintained company’s visual branding, website design and Google Adwords efforts. Worked with company leadership on marketing and sales strategies, workflows, and interactive widget skin designs for their array of user engagement products. Clients included FOX Sports, NBC/Universal, Scripps Networks, NBA, NHL…

Contract & Full-time Designer – Radio Systems Corp

August 2010-April 2012

Provided print and web design support for multiple business units. Sat on redesign committees and implemented relaunches of InvisibleFence.com  and PetSafe.net websites.

Owner – RedGoat Creative, LLC

November 2009-December 2011

Established RedGoat as a print and web design company, targeting small and medium businesses in the Knoxville area. Eventually closed RGC after spending time being employed once again.

Lead E-Commerce Designer, Webmaster & Mixed Media Designer – Goody’s Family Clothing, Inc.

January 2005-January 2009

Began as the lead e-commerce designer which included the management and maintenance of all visual aspects for the website. This also included product photography direction of our photography vendor, and eventually setting up an in-house photo studio and associated photography processes. As the site grew, I began managing sales and marketing efforts as well as affiliate programs while we expanded our team. Once the company changed the website from e-commerce to strictly marketing, my e-commerce responsibilities were replaced with in-store signage design and direction. Throughout my roles, I managed relationships between the various departments and e-commerce or store signage, respectively.

Website Consultant/Designer – Riviera Radio (Monte Carlo)

January 2004-April 2005

Yes, I traveled to Monte Carlo to work! I was privileged to work with an English speaking radio station, first redesigning their website and then spending time 0n-site to train the on-air talent. From my previous experience in radio at Clear Channel, I was able to help them take necessary steps to integrate on-air features and interactive components in order to drive listener interaction on their website.

Internet Department Manager & Designer – Clear Channel Radio, Inc.

September 1998-January 2005

Hired away from HyperThink as their first in-house “webhead”, I spent 7 years working with the 7 radio stations in the Orlando market to not only maintain their websites, but help grow and drive revenue – and eventually worked with other markets in the South East to further their online ROI. Each station had a unique personality and demographic, and within that were subsets associated with each radio show and personality. So not only were there 7 radio station websites to maintain, but multiple “brands” within each. This was a great opportunity for many diverse design challenges which resulted in various logos, t-shirt designs, micro sites and more. Concert photography became a favorite way to spend an evening or weekend.

Web Designer – HyperThink Multimedia

July 1997-September 1998

My first job! I was one of the few graphic designers in the program that was focusing on web design (this was in the late 1990s) and was luckily hired by one of my professors who started up an interactive arm of his design firm. I provided web design and support, which at the time was very basic, but worked with companies like Disney, City of Lakeland, Orlando Magic, Clear Channel Radio, and others.